It’s pretty easy to pin your rust…

Take a Pic

What you would want to do first is take a pic. PLEASE DO NOT TRESPASS! Either get permission or take the pictures from the road. One of the main items needed to make this successful is to take a picture.. Legally. So please, do not trespass.

Mark your Location

Hop on Google Maps and pin your location, Check the address bar and you will find coordinates. Example: 00.000000 -00.000000 You can also give us the address. But for the most exact way to “Pin” the rust, coordinates are the best.

More information?

If you have around the year, make, model of the PinnedRust, please add the information you can.

What’s Next?

Once the form is submitted, our team will upload the images, pin the map and create a page for the pinned rust. Your pinned rust will then be publicized for comments, and updates. If you are able to give more information, you will be able to add that information.

How long does the PinnedRust stay on our servers?

The PinnedRust will stay on our servers until it has moved i.e. sold, traded or junked… or asked specifically by the owner of the vehicle or property to remove the PinnedRust. If you are the owner of the PinnedRust and wish to have this vehicle removed, please contact us immediately here.